We provide a comprehensive range of repair services, spanning from basic irrigation sleeves, steel sleeves, and PVC sleeves, to intricate tasks like utility pipeline boring or repairing the carrier pipe itself. Our capabilities encompass projects of all sizes, ensuring that we’re well-equipped to assist with any task. Additionally, our expertise extends to the installation of diverse utility types, including electric, gas, water, sewer, fiber optic, irrigation, drainage, telephone, cable, and more. Feel free to reach out to us for any arising needs, and we’re committed to doing our utmost to cater to your requirements.

At First Environment Erosion Controls, our objective is to uphold underground utility structures with minimal exposure and earth disruption, aiming to curtail inconvenience and preserve the area from damage.

Our services include:

  • Locating underground utilities
  • Emergency storm response
  • Installation\removal of utility poles and anchors
  • Off-road excavating and utility installation
  • Underground construction and maintenance
  • Fiber Optic installation and splicing
  • Welding and fabrication
  • Core drilling
  • Distribution/Transmission line maintenance and Repairs
  • Utility pole transportation

The expert team at First Environment Erosion Controls will work to protect your property and utility equipment. We will also contact any utility companies that will be affected by our work prior to beginning a project. Don’t neglect the maintenance of underground utilities. Call First Environment Erosion Controls today to learn more about our underground utility maintenance services.

Property Maintenance

Our skilled landscapers conduct property maintenance services according to the highest industry standards and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Mowing, trimming, and refining your landscape adds aesthetic appeal to your lawn.