First Environment Erosion Controls is your first single-source solution for retail, commercial and industrial grounds maintenance, offers Vegetation Management solutions to preserve and protect Houston’s natural resources and vegetation. First Environment Erosion Controls offers a variety of weed control solutions performed by Landscape Professionals credentialed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to safely and efficiently handle weed control. FEEC’s Vegetation Management Solutions include Bare Ground Weed Spraying, Bermuda Release, and Growth Regulators.

Bare Ground Weed Spraying is a targeted weed control treatment that prevents weed and other plant growth in specific areas, such as rock borders, fence lines, walkways, and driveways. First Environment Erosion Controls utilizes specialized treatment techniques to ensure residential and commercial lawns, landscaped gardens, and trees are protected during Bare Ground Weed Spraying.

Bermuda Release is another weed control service that promotes the health and stability of Bermuda grass while also eliminating unwanted weeds and vegetation. The implementation of the Bermuda release helps retail, commercial, and industrial properties maintain a healthy and consistent appearance throughout the year while also minimizing overall mowing and maintenance needs.

First Environment Erosion Controls also offers Growth Regulators for commercial and industrial areas in need of specific levels and densities of shrubs and trees. The application of Growth Regulators helps maintain a consistent and healthy growth of trees, plants, and ornamental shrubs to reduce overall maintenance needs and improve the appearance of the landscape. Some industrial sites, such as pipe yards and utility substations, must be in compliance with specific local, state, and federal guidelines for safety and regulatory purposes. FEEC offers Bareground Weed Control Services that ensure compliance near such areas as chemical storage and production sites, pipeline regulator and valve sites, utility poles, oilfield pump jacks, fuel tank facilities, industrial storage sites, and other industrial sites. Proactive measures of vegetation management help in meeting regulatory standards and keeping the facilities and employees safe.

Property Maintenance

Our skilled landscapers conduct property maintenance services according to the highest industry standards and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Mowing, trimming, and refining your landscape adds aesthetic appeal to your lawn.