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First Environment Erosion Control Inc. (FEEC) serves as your comprehensive solution provider for all your environmental requirements throughout the construction process and beyond. As a certified small business in Texas, FEEC is devoted to offering complete landscape services and erosion control for diverse projects, ranging from individual residential endeavors to expansive commercial ventures. FEEC excels in facilitating ecologically conscious project planning, harnessing innovative technologies and practical strategies. Our collaboration with local and state agency inspectors is geared toward curtailing delays, legal disputes, and costly remediation efforts.

FEEC not only lays the groundwork for environmentally sustainable development but also expedites project approvals and launches with cost-effective measures. Our commitment extends beyond these phases. We specialize in a crucial aspect often underestimated by contractors—the management of erosion and sediment. This facet holds paramount importance in contemporary construction, dictated by federal, state, and local regulations. FEEC is equipped with the necessary tools, experience, and dedication to implement appropriate structural and vegetative methods, thus preventing violations and maintaining project momentum.

From the initiation of the project, marked by the installation of the first silt fence, our on-site service is all-encompassing. It includes tasks such as stormwater channel lining, safeguarding slopes, ensuring temporary stabilization, and continuous upkeep. The journey concludes with the application of hydroseed and the project’s closure. Our expertise, honed through experience, guarantees your project’s triumph by addressing every facet of erosion control proficiently.

Property Maintenance

Our skilled landscapers conduct property maintenance services according to the highest industry standards and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Mowing, trimming, and refining your landscape adds aesthetic appeal to your lawn.


The obligation to establish a secure work environment and promote a culture of safe behaviors rests with all members of First Environment Erosion Controls, Inc. This encompasses employees, contractors, and visitors alike. There is a collective alignment with the company’s wholehearted dedication to health and safety, upheld by a robust enforcement policy that’s impartial and consistent. For contractors, adherence to the Safety Management System is imperative, with the encouragement to further develop their own Safe Work Practices and Procedures, as applicable.

Mitigating accidental losses is attainable through effective management practices coupled with active engagement from every employee. The onus of safety is a shared responsibility spanning managers, supervisors, employees, contractors, subcontractors, and visitors alike.


Every team member will share an equal responsibility in minimizing accidents within our work sites. The “Safe Work Practices and Procedures” will be explicitly outlined in the Company Safety Manual, serving as a comprehensive guide for all employees to adhere to.

Our focus lies in managing risks proactively to prevent occupational injuries and illnesses. This entails meticulous work planning, thorough health and safety training, vigilant hazard recognition, regular inspections, and in-depth incident investigations. FEEC has formulated policies, practices, and protocols that align with pertinent occupational regulations, ensuring compliance at all times.

Central to our safety program is the training and growth of both FEEC employees and contractors. Management shoulders the duty of delivering health and safety training to empower our workforce with the knowledge and consciousness needed to safeguard themselves and others from potential harm.

Team Members
Satisfied Customers

From start to finish, FEEC radiated professionalism. Their erosion control techniques not only safeguarded our environment but also added value to our property. A truly commendable service!

Paul Petersons

We can’t thank FEEC enough for their erosion control expertise. Our project faced unique challenges, but their team tackled them with confidence, leaving us impressed.

Peter Spencer

First Environment Erosion Controls turned our erosion concerns into a success story. Their well-executed strategies and friendly staff made the entire experience smooth and rewarding.

Stacey Richards

Professionalism at its best! FEEC’s erosion control methods were innovative and effective. Our project was completed seamlessly, all thanks to their expertise.

Anthony Sherman

First Environment Erosion Controls’ erosion control transformed our area into a sustainable masterpiece. Their knowledgeable team worked tirelessly to ensure our land remains protected. Highly satisfied!

Jeff Kelly