Understanding sinkhole terminology and the process of sinkhole remediation will come in handy when selecting a repair contractor or company. Routing and underpinning are two common techniques for sinkhole repair and/or remediation. The grouting repair can include deep compaction grouting, pressure grouting, and chemical grouting. Each grouting repair process involves pumping material directly into the ground, usually under a building’s foundation. While grouting is often a less expensive repair option, it is far from a perfect solution. For this reason, many companies that provide grouting repair services will not guarantee these repairs.

A more practical solution to stabilize a structure’s foundation is grouting used along with underpinning. Underpinning is frequently used for sub-surface repair. Underpinning repair can include pre-construction piers, injection piers, steel piers, and helical piers. Helical piers are a common type of structural pilling for residential applications. Underpinning involves a process whereby metal piers are driven deep into the ground; usually down to the underlying limestone. In underpinning repair, piers are secured into the ground around the structure that is being repaired and then attached to the building with brackets. In some cases, underpinning is also required beneath the interior of the structure.

When such an extensive repair is necessary, occupants must vacate the building until repairs and testing have been completed. Though it can be very expensive, grouting combined with exterior perimeter underpinning and interior underpinning is considered the best method to use when stabilizing a structure from sinkhole activity. Because it can be so expensive, many insurance companies will try to avoid this repair method. It is not uncommon for this repair method to exceed the policy limits of property owners’ insurance.

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