Turf maintenance problems often result from poor planning in the initial stages of establishment. Poor drainage, scalping and turf susceptibility to environmental stresses may be the consequence of poor establishment techniques. To ensure a healthy turf and avoid later maintenance problems, begin with proper site preparation.

First Environment Erosion Controls offers turf maintenance services designed to keep property lawn areas in optimal health, ensuring an attractive appearance while promoting vigor and color. We do this through a mix of services that include scheduled mowing, fertilization, irrigation, and site cleanup.

Maintaining nice lawns and landscapes are the goals of many property owners, but for owners of athletic fields, golf courses, and public park areas, it is absolutely critical to maintain vibrant, healthy, and pristine turf free from weeds and other invasive growth. FEEC is pleased to offer Turf Weed Control to protect and preserve turf quality and health for years to come.

FEEC maintains athletic fields throughout Houston and Surrounding areas. We strive to improve the safety, playability, and appearance of sports fields of all levels that athletes, weekend warriors, and kids love to play on.

First Environment Erosion Controls utilizes specialized equipment and skilled applicators licensed by the Texas Department of Agriculture to carefully apply weed and vegetation control treatment to targeted areas to ensure weeds are eliminated

and to prevent their future growth. Effective Turf Weed Control allows your turf to thrive without having to compete with persistent weeds for sunlight, water, oxygen, and other essential nutrients. In addition, utilizing a high-quality Turf Weed Control service reduces future maintenance costs and protects the economic and aesthetic value of your property.

To learn more about how FEEC’s Turf Maintenance and Weed Control services can protect and preserve the health and longevity of your turf areas, request a consultation today or contact FEEC directly for more information