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FEEC provides an exceptionally wide range of services, enabling us to oversee a project over time – starting from a computer screen’s design and culminating in a well-developed and flourishing landscape in reality. Recognizing the significance of our work, we also understand that the way we execute it is the foundation for forging enduring relationships.

Prepared to assist you, our team of Landscape Professionals is poised to provide our wealth of expertise in…:

  • Detention & Amenity Ponds
  • Drainage Channels Maintenance
  • Erosion Provention & Maintenance
  • Landscape Services
  • Sinkhole Repair & Remediation
  • Underground Utility Repair

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From start to finish, FEEC radiated professionalism. Their erosion control techniques not only safeguarded our environment but also added value to our property. A truly commendable service!

Paul Petersons

We can’t thank FEEC enough for their erosion control expertise. Our project faced unique challenges, but their team tackled them with confidence, leaving us impressed.

Peter Spencer

First Environment Erosion Controls turned our erosion concerns into a success story. Their well-executed strategies and friendly staff made the entire experience smooth and rewarding.

Stacey Richards

Professionalism at its best! FEEC’s erosion control methods were innovative and effective. Our project was completed seamlessly, all thanks to their expertise.

Anthony Sherman

First Environment Erosion Controls’ erosion control transformed our area into a sustainable masterpiece. Their knowledgeable team worked tirelessly to ensure our land remains protected. Highly satisfied!

Jeff Kelly