Channels and drainage ditches need to be maintained to avoid obstruction and maintain flow. Maintenance of a drainage ditch means the physical preservation of the original, as-built configuration of the ditch. Protective measures such as soil stabilization using vegetation or rock on stream banks, slopes or ditches are also part of the these activities. Water quality management practices are needed to control potential pollution from disturbed soil, leaks and stockpiles, and from the release of pollutants such as sediment, litter, fuel, hydraulic fluid and oil.

Our typical maintenance contracts can include the following items:

  • Provide site-specific reporting for private and public use
  • Mow overgrown vegetation and clear debris, clear brush and trees
  • Remove trash from catch basins and manholes (vacuum truck)
  • Check structures, orifices, and pipes for blockages
  • Monitor levels of sediment in ponds and structures
  • Stabilize channels and stream banks
  • Repairing Drainage Channel Erosion

Disaster & Storm Clean Up

Major storms do happen and they can cause severe damage to Stormwater systems or drainage infrastructure. We offer mobilized fast response for immediate removal of large debris, consulting or performance of repairs when you are stuck with a disaster clean up.

Property Maintenance

Our skilled landscapers conduct property maintenance services according to the highest industry standards and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Mowing, trimming, and refining your landscape adds aesthetic appeal to your lawn.