An Aesthetically Pleasing Environment Contributes Positively to Commercial Success.

Enhancing the condition of your landscape can lead to heightened property value, greater customer attraction, and enhanced tenant satisfaction. At First Environment Erosion Controls, we go beyond mere garden and ground enhancements – we play a pivotal role in elevating your business prospects.

Exceptional Commercial Landscaping Services

At First Environment Erosion Control Inc. (FEEC), we serve as your exclusive partner for comprehensive environmental solutions that span the entire construction process. FEEC, recognized as a certified small business in Texas, is committed to delivering all-encompassing landscape services and erosion control, catering to a diverse spectrum of projects, from individual residential undertakings to expansive commercial ventures. With a firm dedication to sustainability, FEEC is equipped to guide your project through an eco-conscious lens, leveraging cutting-edge technologies and a pragmatic approach. Collaborating closely with inspectors from local and state agencies, our aim is to curtail setbacks, legal disputes, and the need for costly remediation measures.

Property Maintenance

Our skilled landscapers conduct property maintenance services according to the highest industry standards and utilizing cutting-edge equipment. Mowing, trimming, and refining your landscape adds aesthetic appeal to your lawn.

Landscape and Acreage Services

Though regular lawn maintenance might seem repetitive, it serves as a crucial instrument for the gradual enhancement of your property. Commercial grounds management entails more than just mowing grass; it involves comprehensive property upkeep to prevent any unforeseen disruptions that could affect your already hectic schedule.

Opting for commercial landscape maintenance is an investment that nurtures the existing greenery on your property. Our array of commercial landscape maintenance services includes:

  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Mulching
  • Shrub Trimming & Seasonal Pruning
  • Bed Maintenance
  • Plant Health Care Fertilization
  • Pest Treatments
  • Tree Pruning & Removal
  • Seasonal Color

Detention/Amenity Pond Maintenance

Sustaining the well-being and aesthetics of a pond or lake demands a careful equilibrium. Our chemical cleaning solutions offer precisely this balance, catering to the distinct requirements of your water body. Through the strategic application of thoughtfully chosen pond cleaning agents, we can effectively combat detrimental pollutants while safeguarding the ecosystem.

Our adept team comprehends the significance of upholding the intricate harmony within your pond. Therefore, we assure you that our chemical cleaning methodologies are not only secure and eco-conscious but also foster enduring sustainability. Embracing our well-balanced approach to pond and lake upkeep, you can establish and uphold a lively aquatic environment for years to come.

From start to finish, FEEC radiated professionalism. Their erosion control techniques not only safeguarded our environment but also added value to our property. A truly commendable service!

Paul Petersons

We can’t thank FEEC enough for their erosion control expertise. Our project faced unique challenges, but their team tackled them with confidence, leaving us impressed.

Peter Spencer

First Environment Erosion Controls turned our erosion concerns into a success story. Their well-executed strategies and friendly staff made the entire experience smooth and rewarding.

Stacey Richards

Professionalism at its best! FEEC’s erosion control methods were innovative and effective. Our project was completed seamlessly, all thanks to their expertise.

Anthony Sherman

First Environment Erosion Controls’ erosion control transformed our area into a sustainable masterpiece. Their knowledgeable team worked tirelessly to ensure our land remains protected. Highly satisfied!

Jeff Kelly